If you wanna hear my music in Windows Media Player, Just follow these simple steps:

Right click on an Mp3 file, select open in, select standard program, make sure that the:

"use always chosen program", checkbox is checked, then double click on the player.

If you have another player, just follow the same procedure.

Released 2006
Iron Head
Purity Sacrificed
Creature with many names
Realm of Darkness
Symphonic Metal
Reborn in Hell
Mystic Landscape
Hengepikk Swing
Psycho Horror Movie
Rage Raiser
Released 2007
Wedding day at Troll Hill
Born in Hell
Sentimental Nostalgia
No more Pain
Tormented Soul
Life Kills
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Dead Forever
Can't Stand it no more
Criminally Insane
AS Ord for Dagen
Released 2008
Hour of Devotion
Blast from the Past
Criminally Insane
Capsula Interna
Tribute to Arnold Juklerød
Hva har du fått i deg
Aging into Mortality
Born in Hell
Remember Tomorrow
Released 2011
Til kamp mot overmakten
For all time
Jævla Smerter
Walk the path of fear
The Superiour force
That others may Live
Back in 1985
Return to Leviathan
Fuglen Svein
Hutsi Tutsi
Promille Kontroll
Released 2012
Death is Nowhere
Død for Evig
In a cellar below
Forcibly Hospitalized
All things must Die
Ace of Spades
Black Night
Terrible Certainty
Traffic Accident
Reborn in hell
Domestic Violence
Re-Released 2013
Persecution Mania
Død for Evig
Traffic Accident
Forcibly Hospitalized
In a Cellar Below
Reborn in Hell
Comfortably Numb
Better Dead Than Sick
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