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I started my one man project Lucifix in 2002, Since then i have published 8 Cd's.
On my first Cd: 'Realm of Darkness', i used a 4-Track recorder. after that i've been using Cubase SX 2 and Cubase 5.
i have tried out different drum programs, such as: BFD Premium Acoustic Drum Module, Drumkit from Hell 2, EZ- Drummer and Metal Machine, that i like the most, because it includes 'Humanizer', that gives a more human dynamic sound. I also use and have used plugins like: Amplitube, Gitar Rigg, Pod Farm, and Garritan Personal Orchestra, that includes all the instruments in a symphonic orchestra.
I describe my music as: Heavy/Black/Death Metal, and the majority of the riffs is Thrash Metal.
Cd: 'Deadstone', reviewed at:

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